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Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 3.5t KURZ (Berlin Truck Center)

  • Sa., 12. Aug, 2023 | 12:00
  • Mo., 21. Aug, 2023 | 22:00


What Location (From) Who Comment
Cashbox ~ ~ NEEDED
Couch / Sofa BER-E4 drscream 2x IKEA Knopparp
Carpet ~ ~ NEEDED
3x Frubar Flag BER-F15 wiedi (yes) Finn15
illumos Flag Berlin E4 drscream
Rescue blanket BER-J14 bluemaex Got a pack of 15
Projector BER-J14 bluemaex

Food / Kitchen

What Location (From) Who Comment
Kasten August Munich Deknos
Bierzapfanlage für Flachkopf Fässer inkl. Durchlaufkühler WGT-WB6 motu
UbaBot inc. flow cooler + carbonator BAD-U73 sk1ll10 test ETA 26.07., can produce coke, apple schorle etc on site if successful
Fridge (regular small size) BAD-U73 sk1ll10 Ice compartement does not have a cover any more, not suitable to freeze stuff


What Location (From) Who Comment
6x Mehrfachsteckdose, 3 fach, 3m BER-F15 wiedi
6x Mehrfachsteckdose, 3 fach, 5m (reserved for lights) BER-F15 wiedi
5x Mehrfachsteckdose, 6 fach, 1.2m BER-F15 wiedi
1x 25m Outdoor Cable BER-E4 drscream for wiedi
1x 32A -> 16A / Schuko verteiler roo
1x Kabeltrommel 2m 4x Mehrfachsteckdose F9VJ+3P Berlin taknil
1x Mehrfachsteckdose, 4 fach, 3m outdoor F9VJ+3P Berlin taknil


What Location (From) Who Comment
Camp Cable Box Roo some fibre, Copper Cables, switch with 10 ge uplink
1x 20m cat6 Ehternet F9VJ+3P Berlin taknil 1GbE


What Location (From) Who Comment
LED-Strips (15x1m, 15mx2) BER-J14 bluemaex Spiel Spass und Spannung
3x ESP32 with WLED (+Microphone) BER-J14 bluemaex Led Controller
3x ESP8266 with WLED BER-J14 bluemaex Led Controller
1x DMX PI BER-F15 bluemaex ready!
1x DMX USB DMX4ALL BER-J14 bluemaex
3x DMX LED PAR BER-J14 bluemaex do we need them?
LED Matrix 64x64 30cm Friedrichshafen xythobuz inkl. 230V Netzteil, RPi
LED Matrix 32x32 15cm Friedrichshafen xythobuz inkl. LiPo Akku, Pi Pico
LED Matrix 32x32 100cm Friedrichshafen xythobuz inkl. 230V Netzteil, RPi
2x outdoor light (green+pink) BER-F15 wiedi
12x DMX LED PAR BER-F15 wiedi
1x DMX UV PAR BER-F15 wiedi
2x DMX LED BAR BER-F15 wiedi
10x DMX Cable 2m (red coded) BER-F15 wiedi
6x DMX Cable 3m (blue coded) BER-F15 wiedi
5x DMX Cable 5m (pink coded) BER-F15 wiedi
2x DMX Cable 10m (uncoded) BER-F15 wiedi
1x DMX USB PRO BER-F15 wiedi
1x DMX Terminator BER-F15 wiedi
6x Solar Lights for Garden BER-E4 drscream


What Location (From) Who Comment
2x Speaker + cable BER-F15 wiedi -
2x Speakerstand + foot + clip BER-F15 wiedi -
1x Amp + Sub + power cable BER-F15 wiedi -
1x DJM-500 mixer BER-F15 wiedi -
1x Starlight controller BER-F15 wiedi -
1x USB Soundcard BER-F15 wiedi -
1x Headphones BER-F15 wiedi


What Location (From) Who Comment

Computer & Fun

What Location (From) Who Comment
Elsa56k dialup modem Eindhoven rene retro-computing


What Location (From) Who Comment
Lötkolben Munich Deknos
dritte hand munich Deknos
4 x Lötkolben Weingarten-Aulendorf Jogi
4 x Tischschraubstock Weingarten-Aulendorf Jogi
4 x Lötmatte (450 x 300 mm) Weingarten-Aulendorf Jogi
4 x (Seitenschneider+Flachzange+Pinzette) Weingarten-Aulendorf Jogi


What Location (From) Who Comment
2x Ventilator BER-F15 wiedi
1x Desi Spender BER-F15 wiedi
1x Handdesinfektionsmittel 5L BER-F15 wiedi
100x Einweghandschuhe M BER-F15 wiedi
40x FFP2 Maske BER-F15 wiedi
20x COVID-19 Antigen Test BER-F15 wiedi


What Location (From) Who Comment
Old and new passport stamps BER-F15 wiedi


What Location (From) Who Comment
Baby Pool BER-E4 drscream
Neon Adhesive Tape BER-E4 drscream

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